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Voa Aina

Eastern Madagascar
Agroforestry and mangrove restoration

In partnership with Graine de Vie, the Voa Aina project aims to establish climate resilient agroecosystems to support sustainable food production across Eastern Madagascar. For this purpose, a planting strategy is developed hand in hand with the participating communities.


Tigray North Ethiopia
Ecosystem restoration and agroforestry by smallholders and landless farmers

The EthioTrees project aims to partner with communities to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for smallholders and landless farmers in different villages across Tigray (North Ethiopia). The project supports woodland restoration, agroforestry and ecosystem services development.


Sofala Mozambique
Community-led Miombo enrichment and agroforestry

The Kukumuty project aims to pursue climate mitigation and adaptation strategies in central Mozambique using a landscape approach for enrichment of Miombo woodlands and creation of climate resilient agroecosystems and sustainable livelihood opportunities. The Kukumuty project is a collaboration between Climate Lab and our partners Azada Verde and Reseed Indico.


Central Bolivia Andes
Quechua medicinal herbs and (agro)forestry

The BoliTrees Plan Vivo project aims to restore agroecological balance in the Quechua communities of the Interandean Bolivian valleys, centred around Cochabamba. We support woodland planting upslope and mixed fruit orchards downslope.

Fes Enying

Mayo Banyo Cameroon
Agroforestry by communities and smallholders

Fes Enying is an agroforestry project for smallholder farmers and communities. The aim is to restore food security and increase income via home orchards, communal gardens and woodlots in partnership with Graine de Vie.

All our projects are Plan Vivo certified